Air Fuel Ratio Meter DTM4007

We currently manufacture a small range of our own electronic products, and we are able to undertake prototype and small batch production of customer’s products.

The DTM4007 Air Fuel Ratio Meter is an essential tool for mapping the currently huge range of user programmable Engine Management Systems.

It can of course also be used for tuning carburettors. In fact the DTM4007 works perfectly with all fuels, including petrol (of course!), two stroke, propane, methanol, kerosene, in fact most fuels.

The price is £110 GBP + VAT for the display unit. We no longer supply the sensor as there are plenty available online, just get any titania type. Carriage is £4.50 within UK and £15 anywhere else.

To buy one just send us a cheque for the correct amount, and we will send it out by return. Send the cheque made payable to DTM Power Ltd along with your address to DTM Power Ltd, Orchard Stables, Burcot, Oxfordshire, OX14 3DQ, UK

Or you can pay £120 by PayPal, our Paypal username

Wideband versus narrowband

Click here for a report on the operation and installation of the DTM4007 Air/Fuel Ratio meter