DTM Consultants and DTMPower Ltd. Terms and Conditions

None of the following affects your statutory rights, and it is written only to bring transparency into any and all business dealing that you might have with DTM Consultants, or DTMPower Limited, or Burcot Boats, and/or us with you.

When we supply goods or services to you;

All goods are FOB Burcot base OX14 3DQ.

All services are supplied from Burcot base.

All travel to your choice of location is chargeable in both time and mileage. If solo car then 48p per mile, if towing with car then 96p per mile, if towing with our van then £1.50 per mile. If using your vehicle then you can supply the fuel at your cost. All tolls, ferry and any other road charges are chargeable extras.

All overnight stays are at cost depending on the availability of facilities at the time/place.

Chargeable hours commence at Burcot base and cease on return to Burcot base. Any bona fide rest days away will not be charged for, however accommodation and per diam expenses will be chargeable on rest days.

Our standard day is 10 hours which can start any time after 06:00hrs as required by circumstances. Over and above the standard 10 hours every additional hour will be charged at 1/10th of the day rate, until 22:00hrs, then at 1/5th of the day rate after 22:00hrs. Hours required before 06:00 will also be charged at 1/5th of the day rate. If long continuous driving is required all rest periods during the trip will be charged at the rate applicable at local time.

All works, goods, services and advice are given by us to the best of our ability and on the understanding that all relevant data and information is given to us from the start.

Any shortfall in payments or failure to keep to agreed terms of payments will mean that any or all of the goods supplied by us will be recovered without any further notice.

When you supply goods or service to us:

All goods and services will be supplied at a confirmed price, and to a confirmed delivery date.

All goods to be sent by your choice of carrier to our address, at your risk, you can use insurance or be self insured as you choose. If goods do not arrive as expected the supplier will take all actions to track and deliver the goods, keeping us informed of all proceedings in a timely manner.

In the case of late delivery for any reason including “force majeure” and negligence, the payable price of the goods will diminish in direct proportion to the lateness of the eventual delivery at the rate of 10% per working day. Clearly non delivery for any reason will mean zero payment is due. The responsibility for the safe transit and arrival in good condition of the goods lays entirely with the sending party.


Any commencement of business with DTM Consultants, DTMPower Ltd., David Wedge or Burcot Boats, on or after the 1st day of October 2013 will be subject to the above condtions. Any party commencing business will be deemed to be be in agreement of the above terms and conditons unless written objections are recieved before the commencement of business. All disagreements will be considered only if notified in writing before commencent of business. The above superceeds any other terms and conditons previously in place.