DTMPower Engineering Department

We can provide you with Engineering and Technology solutions to suit your requirements.

Some of the projects that we have successfully brought into operation include:

  • Dynamic Ride Height Control System
  • Remote Worldwide Data Acquisition via GSM and Satellite Links
  • Low Power Radio Data System interfaced to web database

Dynamic Ride Height Control System

This system is a reactive ride height control system that has been developed for installation on very high performance “Supercars”. The objective is to enable the bodywork design to incorporate aerodynamic designs to increase downforce during cornering, but to control and limit the downforce generated during straight-line high speed operation and thereby substantially reduce the potentially destructive excess vertical loads and resultant heat build up in the tyres, which would otherwise destroy the tyres in a short distance This of course has the benefit of decreasing straight line drag and therefore increasing straight-line speed, or fuel efficiency. It also has many other handling benefits that work in parallel.

The benefits include; allowing the use of sensible wheel rates, for a road car, at low speeds; under 60 mph. and the use of softer anti-roll bars that will become redundant at “aero” speeds. It will allow the design to be free from geometric anti-dive and anti-squat, as it will be able to use the control system to give anti-dive or anti-squat, and thereby control dive under braking at any speed. The programming will not affect the dynamics of the car at speeds below 60 mph (or whatever is set). This means that the car will be able to roll and have soft wheel rates at low speed, giving fantastic “mechanical” grip at speeds where there is no, or little, aerodynamic downforce, Then at high speeds the wheel rate is increased and the ride height lowered to give full aero grip round corners, and reset to a low drag configuration in the straight line cruise mode, the best of both worlds.

This entire system was conceived, designed and built by DTMPower.

Remote Worldwide Data Acquisition via GSM and Satellite Links

The brief for this project was to give 24 hour monitoring cover for valuable plant and equipment anywhere in the world, and alarms back at Headquarters if anything went wrong with the plant, or if anyone tampered with it in the field. We started with European coverage via the GSM network, but later the demand grew to worldwide coverage in areas where the GSM coverage is not reliable. We expanded the design to integrate with International Communications Satellites and use the Global Data Network to give round the clock monitoring anywhere on the planet. Software at the Corporate HQ constantly monitors all the remote stations, not only waiting for trouble, but, to a set timetable, it will communicate with each remote station just to check status.

The next stage was to go mobile, and many systems are now monitoring all the same data around the world in mobile plant and equipment. Regional Engineers are notified of any problems at the plant in their own areas within a couple of minutes of the problem occurring, and a three way communication between the plant, the Engineer and HQ is instantly put in place. This gets equipment put back into operation as soon as possible.

From client brief to real world solution interfacing with existing equipment and Global Data Networks this project was handled entirely by DTMPower.