Ferrari Handling Packages

Based on many years on-track experience, and using our own handling diagnostics software package we have developed handling kits for a range of high performance sports cars.

High on the list are of course many Ferrari models, so we have designed handling kits for 308, 328, 348, 355, Testarossa, 512M, 456, and 456M, and 550 Maranello.

If you have a car that is not in that list we will design the parts specifically for your car and add it to the list. Typically the Handling Kit includes springs, dampers, suspension pickup brackets and bushes, and revised anti-roll bars.

Many clients find themselves going that much faster after the Handling Kit is fitted that they also feel the need for a Braking Upgrade, and we always agree!

We have of course done many suspension, brake and engine upgrades to F40s. These are generally of a bespoke nature for confidential clients.

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