Ferrari Bodywork And Performance Parts

New products based on our extensive racing history with Ferraris, we have dug out the moulds we used in the '90s for our very successful race cars, and built a few new ones, so we can offer a wide range of composite body parts for Ferrari race cars and repair panels for road cars.

These are just some of the parts from our extensive competitions department object archive... these items are from the original moulds we used in the '80s and '90s to build our race cars at that time. The moulds have been painstakingly restored and are now as good as ever.

Parts available in the material of your choice; GRP (fibreglass) and to the best available quality, the same materials as Sunseeker use! Also available to order in Carbon/Kevlar, which is what we use for its impact resistance (race drivers!!), or straight Carbon Fibre.

Coming soon... all the rest of the body sections for 308 GTB/S, boot, bonnet, front wings, rear wings, rear panel, engine lid, undertray, front panel, in any material. AND some 246 Dino parts, and a few 348 and 355 parts as well as we work through our moulds store!

Ferrari 308 bodywork price list

Ferrari 308 parts price list